Bachelor of Business Administration

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) provides a fundamental education in business and management principles allowing students to specialize in one of multiple concentration areas, including business economics, administration, finance, human resources, or accounting. The programme enables graduates to explore various real-life opportunities that help them later in managing companies. It also develops sound professionals with entrepreneurship skills who can run business ventures in a contemporary or international context. So, it is a preparation for a lot more than a career in business and has national importance.

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) is a four- year (VIII semesters) program having 120 credit hour. In today’s globalized world where competition among business is at an all- time high, it requires the students to be prepared to face challenging situations, maintain work-life balance and adapt to the diverse work culture. Our Bachelor in Business Administration program is streamlined to prepare students as leaders, strategic thinkers, creative in problem solving and innovators. BBA at WhiteHouse emphasizes students to develop their key competencies to succeed in today’s dynamic and globally competitive business environment.

Message to Students

BBA at Himalayan WhiteHouse International College is the
premises where delivering quality education is the commitment
with the aim to develop and enhancing the core competencies
of every individual students by identifying their keen interest on
particular field. During the four year courses both the theoretical
and practical knowledge are equally delivered to make them
prepared to serve the society and the nation. The integrated
trainings provide to the students that support to build their level
of confidence and knowledge to compete in competitive world.
HWIC assist with required resources and learning materials
which make comfortable to grasp new learning and experience.

Amit Gupta
Head, BBA Program

BBA Faculty Members

  • Mr. Amit Gupta
  • Mr. Bhoja Raj Paudel
  • Mr. Santosh Gurung
  • Mr. Ramu Lamsal
  • Mr. Prakash Chandra Karki
  • Mr. Suman Raj Devkota
  • Ms. Sheela Pokhrel
  • Mr. Yagya Raj Bhandari
  • Mr. Ram Krishna Dangal
  • Mr. Roshan Neupane
  • Mr. Babu Raja Bajracharya
  • Mr. Kushal Pokharel
  • Mr. Mijash Humagain
  • Mr. Padam Prasad Bhandari
  • Mr. Suman Maharjan
  • Mr. Kaju Bahadur dahal
  • Mr.Nischaya Subedi
  • Mr. Serij Suwal
  • Ms. Sheela Pokhrel

Completion of the BBA course after:

  • BBA Course grants quick opportunities for gaining professional skills.
  • BBA Course covers a comprehensive phase of basic management
  • BBA Course is a vast managerial position oriented program
  • Pursuing BBA makes you financially independent with less investment rather than doing MBA
  • BBA Course develops a management focused strategy from the very beginning

Degree granted by:

Purbanchal University (PU)

Our Goals

The goal of Himalayan WhiteHouse International College is to attain academic excellence and ExtraCurricular brilliance. We strive to create a harmonious discipline in and outside the college premises which directly and indirectly affects the society positively. In our academic session, we endeavor to make sure our students have fun learning and sharing.

Career Prospects

The graduates of BBA program have placement opportunities in management position of corporate world. They have a wide range of positions in different business, banking, retail, finance, consumer durable companies, IT companies, advertising agencies, real estate etc. The placement may be in the field of marketing, human resource management, finance, and information technology.

Eligibility for admission in BBA Program

A minimum of CGPA “C” with not less than D+ in individual subjects in +2 or equivalent exams. Students will then have to appear for the WhiteHouse Management Admissions Test (WMAT).

Selection Procedure

Successful applicants in WhiteHouse Graduate Admission Test (WGAT) will be eligible for admission. WGAT comprises:
Written Test               

• Group Discussion  

• Interview


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