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Bachelor of Computer Engineering

Bachelor of Computer Engineering is a four-year program (VIII semesters) with 140 credit hours. This program focuses not only software part of computer engineering but also on hardware with emphasis on the integration of latest technology. Computer engineers are responsible for developing, testing and evaluating the software that make our computers work. They may help in the development of new computer games, business applications and in the design of entirely new operating systems. Computer engineer may also be responsible for constructing and managing an organization’s computer networking system and providing technical support. They typically work in an office or laboratory environment as part of a team and enjoy the busy work schedule.

Message to Students

It gives me immense pleasure in welcoming you all on behalf of the Department of Computer and Electronics. We at Himalayan WhiteHouse International College not only focus on nurturing and developing the skills and talents of the students thereby supporting the social and economic advancement of the society but also take steps in imparting quality education along with overall personality development of our students. Our highly qualified and experienced faculty members and visiting professionals from prestigious institutions bring unique pedagogical approaches, industry experience and incorporate applied research findings into classroom.

Bimal Sharma
Head, Department of IT, Computer and Electronics

Our Goals

The goal of Himalayan WhiteHouse International College is to attain academic excellence and ExtraCurricular brilliance. We strive to create a harmonious discipline in and outside the college premises which directly and indirectly affects the society positively. In our academic session, we endeavor to make sure our students have fun learning and sharing.

Career Prospects

The graduates of computer engineering program will be involved in research, design, developing, testing, manufacturing and installing a broad range of electronic and/or computational devices and systems everywhere in the form of system security expert, computer programmer, database administrator, system analyst, network administrator. They may also have the placement opportunities as a software developer.


  • Merit: 5 percent of total admitted students on the basis of entrance examination
  • Reservation: 5 percent of total admitted students on the basis of reservation quota
  • Upto 50% scholarship in tuition fee based on the academic performance in +2/Diploma or equivalent degrees

B.E Computer Faculty Members

  • Er. Utsab Pokharel
  • Mr. Bharat Pokharel
  • Ram Chandra Poudel
  • Pusparaj Khanal
  • Er. Jaya Raj Joshi
  • Ujjwal Ghimire
  • Er. Bhimesh Chandra Acharya


Course Structure



3.English for Technical Communication

4.Computer Programming

5.Fundamentals of Computing Technology

6.Engineering Drawing

7.Workshop Technology



3.Object Oriented Programming

4.Digital Logic

5.Applied Mechanics

6.Basic Electrical Engineering


2.Data Structure And Algorithm

3.Object Oriented Analysis And Circuits

4.Electronic Device And Circuits

5.Applied Sociology


1.Computer Graphics

2.Database Management System

3.Discrete Structure


5.Communication System

6.Python Programming

7.Probability and Statistics

1.Algorithm Analysis and Design

2.Computer Architecture and Design

3.Numerical Methods

4.Operating System

5.Engineering Economics

6.Research Methodology


1.Artificial Intelligence

2.Computer Network

3.Embedded and IoT System

4.Software Engineering

5.Theory of Computation

6.Control System

1.Distributed and Cloud Computing

2.IT Project Management

3.Simulation and Modelling




1.Cyber Security

2.Engineering Professional Practice






Past Questions

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