BE Elex. & Comm


Bachelor of Electronics and Communication Engineering

Bachelor of Electronics and Communication Engineering is a four-year program (VIII semesters) with 162 credit hours. This program is the utilization of science and math applied to practical problems in the field of communications. Electronics and communication engineers are engaged in research, design, development and testing of the electronic equipment used in various communication systems. They contribute in the domain of modern communication devices as cellular telephones, radios and television. Studying electronics and communication engineering is the dream of every aspirant due to a number of reasons – growth, job opportunities, perks and benefits and continuous industry growth. The major driving force for the present day Information Technology revolution is the development in Electronics & Communication Engineering. The advancements in microelectronics, satellite and optical fiber technology, analog and digital communication techniques have resulted in developing complex electronics devices, circuits and equipment capable of implementing fast and efficient
telecommunication systems. Real time transfer of audio and video signals is now possible with recent trends in broad band technologies. Penetration of electronics has now revolutionized other areas like health care, instrumentation, automation, remote sensing, signal processing etc.

Our Goals

The goal of Himalayan WhiteHouse International College is to attain academic excellence and ExtraCurricular brilliance. We strive to create a harmonious discipline in and outside the college premises which directly and indirectly affects the society positively. In our academic session, we endeavor to make sure our students have fun learning and sharing.

Career Prospects

The graduates in Electronics and Communication Engineering have opportunities in government and private companies for installation, operation and maintenance of electronics equipment and systems in the capacity of service engineer, software analyst, technical director, field test engineer, sales manager, network planning engineer, customer support engineer, electronics and communication consultant, and research and development software engineer.

Eligibility for admission in BE Elex. & Comm

 For Engineering programs: +2 (Biology or Physical group)/ Diploma or equivalent degrees with minimum of “C” ineachsubject or 45% in aggregate.


  • Merit: 5 percent of total admitted students on the basis of entrance examination
  • Reservation: 5 percent of total admitted students on the basis of reservation quota
  • Upto 50% scholarship in tuition fee based on the academic performance in +2/Diploma or equivalent degrees


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