Message From Vice Principal

As there have been many recent changes in the world, an organization needed a shift towards addressing new business concepts like connectivity and customization potentially opening door to numerous opportunities and challenges. The way we do business has changed since last decade due to change in business mindset and technology requiring managers to innovate new thought process. Thus the leaders today are supposed to be problem solver with objectivity and emotional intelligence together. At Whitehouse, faculty of management and arts, we ensure how students will enhance knowledge and skills; discuss cases, learn through field visits, simulates games, guest lecture by industry experts and workshops by renowned academics.

All graduate and undergraduate management programs at Whitehouse impart fundamental management theories and functional management areas which help students face contemporary business challenges. These numerous programs like MBA, MBA (Extended), BBA, BHM and BLAS with over 23 years of experience counted us to be a market leader in education industry with ‘Student centered education’ theme. The core aim of management education is to yield future manager who can lead and handle organization irrespective to its nature. Thus, these peculiarities about the program provide students ample career opportunity in many fields. 

Come join us, we are deliberately waiting for what it takes us to make you successful manager and entrepreneur. We look forward to welcoming you onto our management and arts programs.


Dr. Ajay Khadka

Vice Principal, School of Management & Arts