Graduate Exposure

Entrepreneurship Development Cell

WhiteHouse Entrepreneurship Development Cell (WeDC) explores entrepreneurial thirst and spirit inside Whitehousians and serves as a platform for concept generation, screening and implementation. The Cell supports students to start new venture through expert service and helping them to business consulting, networking as well as funding opportunities. The cell also conducts workshops and trainings to connect with start-up consultants and supporters.

Business and Economic Research Cell (BeREC)

WhiteHouse has started Business and Economic Research Cell (BeREC) where students, faculties and scholars are engaged in research activities in business and economic disciplines. BeREC publishes bi-annual journal of Business and Economic Research. The Cell also organizes national and international conferences annually.

BeREC creats maximum opportunity of participation of students for the seminar and internship as well as report writing on various themes. Students learn via hands on training on data analysis, scientific writing and international research paper replication followed by numerous short training courses.

Leadership Development Cell

HWIC believes in the true capacity of its students and graduates. The leadership development cell initiates different kinds of workshops, trainings and exposure programs to nurture the leadership among students.