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Bachelor of Hotel Management (BHM)

Do you have an impressive personality or possess extremely good communication skills? Then hospitality is a good career choice for you. Hospitality management as a profession requires one to possess strong interpersonal communication skills, be meticulous and have business sense. The first step in making a career in the field of hospitality is to pursue a course from a good college and one of the most popular programmes pursued by students right after their Class 12 in this field is Bachelor of Hotel Management (BHM).


As part of a BHM course, candidates are taught about different facets of the hospitality industry. Thus, in a BHM course aspirants are taught food and beverage preparation, housekeeping operations, front office operations, computer applications, business communication, accommodation operation, corporate finance, sales, marketing, public relations etc. BHM course is known to have theory as well as practical subjects.

Completion of the BHM course after:

  • Hospitality Management is a highly competitive industry but you can find different hospitality companies anywhere and everywhere around the globe. Because of this you will have unlimited job opportunities in your career in your local and abroad equally.
  • Freedom it offers for the graduates to choose different career path is remarkable. Graduates who study hotel management can choose a career based on their skill or shift to a related field.
  • The fact that most hospitality workers are paid higher than in any other industry makes this a most sought after profession. A hospitality worker can also find extra jobs other than their regular jobs to earn more than their regular income as most jobs come in shifts.
  • After studying the bachelor in Hospitality Management you will have the obligatory skills to start your own career in a fast-growing hotel or hospitality business as hospitality graduates have outstanding customer service and problem solving skills and a thorough understanding of financials and fundamental guest services knowledge.
  • There are a lot of appealing aspects to hospitality work. Low educational barriers, mobility within the niche departments in addition to mobility in geographic space, and infrequent hours and shifts can all be advantageous.

Degree by:
Purbanchal University (PU)

Program Coordinator, Department of Hotel Management
Mr. Shyam Shrestha



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A hotel manager is confident, approachable and adventurous. They aren’t afraid to try new things. Excited to experience new cultures. And they know the importance of teamwork. If you want a career that’s full of challenges, interesting people and exciting developments, hotel management could be just what you’re looking for. Here’s all you wanted to know about hotel management.

Managing a hotel comes with a range of responsibilities. You must be able to adapt to new challenges, help different departments and ensure the hotel maintains a standard of excellence. As a hotel manager, you will be responsible for overseeing and having a strong knowledge of finance, planning, service and organization. While you have a team of managers working alongside you, as hotel manager you have to lead rather than follow. You must also make sure your staff are managing their time and departments efficiently, whether that be through improving their monthly profits or simply ensuring a guest’s expectations are exceeded.

The various career scopes of hotel management in Nepal are:

  • Cafes and Restaurant
  • Fast food joint
  • Recreational catering
  • Institutional and industrial services
  • Catering equipment production, supply, and distribution
  • Airline and cabin services
  • Tourist destinations management
  • Government events, destinations, and organization
  • Event catering and management
    • 10+2/CBSE or equivalent to 55% and above aggregate score
    • A Level - Minimum 2.5 credits

    BHM Syllabus
    Semester 1
    Business Mathematics 3 credits
    English 3 credits
    Business Economics 3 credits
    Financial Accounting-I 3 credits
    Principles of Management 3 credits
    Semester 2 
    Business Communications 3 credits
    Macro Economics Analysis & Policy 3 credits
    Business Statistics 3 credits
    Principles of Marketing 3 credits
    Financial Accounting-II 3 credits
    Semester 3 
    Cost and Management Accounting 3 credits
    Business Finance 3 credits
    Database Management System 3 credits
    Marketing Management 3 credits
    Business Environment of Nepal 3 credits
    Semester 4 
    Business Law 3 credits
    Financial Management 3 credits
    Taxation and Auditing 3 credits
    Human Resource Management 3 credits
    Quantitive Techniques for Business 3 credits
    Semester 5 
    Research Methodology & Report Writing 3 credits
    Productions & Operations Management 3 credits
    Banking and Insurance 3 credits
    Project Management 3 credits
    Organizational Behavior 3 credits
    Semester 6 
    Management Information System 3 credits
    Public Finance 3 credits
    Total Quality Management 3 credits
    Tourism Management 3 credits
    Entrepreneuership Development 3 credits
    Semester 7 
    Supply Chain Management 3 credits
    E-Commerce 3 credits
    Internship 3 credits
    Specialization-I 3 credits
    Specialization-II 3 credits
    Semester 8 
    International Business 3 credits
    Strategic Management 3 credits
    Specialization-III 3 credits
    Specialization-IV 3 credits
    Specialization-V 3 credits
    Grand Total 120 credits